How much does a lifequbes Structure cost?

Lifequbes structures are an economical alternative to pre-engineered buildings or red iron buildings and the best value. The price of a structure depends on many variables, such as its size, the amount of engineering and material required to meet your local wind- and snow-load requirements and the customizable options and accessories that you choose. If you’d like an estimate for a building that will fit your unique applications.

What is a lifequbes Structure composed of?

Every lifequbes Structure is comprised of two parts: the fabric cover and the Aluminium frame. Fabric covers are flame-retardant, high durability and they are manufactured by serge Ferrari. Our covers have a patented weave that is lightweight yet exceptionally strong, with a rip-stop scrim to prevent an accidental puncture from turning into a significant rip. Covers are UVI treated and weather-resistant for long-lasting use. We are so confident in the durability of our covers that we offer a 20-year warranty.

For our frames, we use the highest quality aluminum available, European-made, galvanized, structural steel, that comes with an industry-leading 20-year warranty.

Why choose a lifequbes Structure instead of traditional building options?

There are countless advantages to choosing a lifequbes Structure over a wood or metal building, including: Fast design, manufacturing & installation: lifequbes Structure take as little as two to three days to install. From concept to construction, you could be in your lifequbes Structure in a couple of days. Lower energy costs: Abundant natural light eliminates daytime lighting costs and cuts nighttime lighting costs in half. Temperature-stabilizing covers keep buildings 15°-20° cooler in the summer and 15°-20° warmer in the winter. Maximum useable space: Unique design features no columns or poles to interfere with your interior plans or ease of movement. Corrosion resistance: Aluminum frames European-made, galvanized structural steel tubing will not rust, corrode or bend. Easy maintenance: Dust, dirt and pollutants wash off in the rain. Never needs painting and will never have rotting parts to replace. Flame retardant: Wood structures pose a fire hazard. lifequbes Structure have metal frames and flame-retardant covers are available. Fewer pests: Corner-free design means no hiding places for rodents. No building material or insulation to nest or feed on. Reusable: lifequbes Structure may be moved, disassembled or sold if no longer needed. Expansion is easy.

How can a lifequbes Structure be customized to meet my specific needs? What if I have a unique application?

Our in-house engineering team will work with you to create the best structure for your needs. With numerous customizable features, such as end walls, doors, anchoring systems and more, we can design a unique structure for your specific site and application. Lifequbes partners can provide the accessories you need, such as vents, lighting, flooring, and fans.

How long will delivery and installation take? What does that cost?

Your lifequbes Structure can be delivered and installed in only a matter of two to three days We offer flexible installation options to meet your needs, including experienced lifequbes construction crews, having a lifequbes supervisor on-site to direct your crew, or doing the installation yourself. The cost of using a lifequbes crew or supervisor depends on your location and timeframe.

How can I see one of your buildings?

Please contact us for arranging a meeting and site tour of our existing clients.